Northwood Harbor

Thank you for visiting the website of Northwood Harbor Neighborhood Association (NHNA) and welcome. NHNA, which is located on the northeast side of the City of West Palm Beach, FL, is a group of volunteer residents who are friendly, family orientated, and very passionate about the appearance and value of their neighborhood. The core mission of the NHNA is to actively stay involved in the past, present, and future actions and decisions of the City of West Palm Beach that affects the growth of our area. We, as members of the NHNA, accomplishes this mission by attending regular meetings not only with the residents of the Northwood Harbor area but also with our elected officials at City Hall. As President of the Northwood Harbor Neighborhood Association, I would like to extend a warm welcome along with an invitation to come see some of the great things that we are doing and have planned for the Northwood area by browsing our website. Thank you again.


Ronald Nixon Sr.

President of NHNA

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